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La Boutique is the love-child of renowned Mauritian fashion designer, Patricia Lagesse, and her equally talented daughter, Constance. With over 30-years’ experience in the fashion and design sector, Patricia and Constance have come to combine their passion for all things fashion and their three unique brands: TAF’TA, TAF’TA Too and White Mischief under the umbrella brand, La Boutique.


Patricia boasts an intensive international career as a fashion designer of women’s clothing, and in 1990, decided to launch her very own tailor-made clothing brand, TAF’TA. The clothing brand aims at creating exclusive, innovative and high-quality women’s apparel, including the likes of evening dresses, wedding dresses, ceremony dresses, special occasion dresses and a range of chic accessories.
TAF’TA and its beautiful creations are comprised of sumptuous fabrics, each created with an impeccable finish. It is a line that has been perfectly curated to suit all aspects of the brand – modern, glamorous and on-trend. After 23-years of highly successful operation, Patricia decided to create a second line, known as TAF’TA Too, with an exclusive store opening in Grand Baie. TAF’TA Too is a ladies wear line that offers colourful, modern and contemporary designer clothing, perfectly suited to the modern-day woman.

White Mischief

In 2012 the well-known brand, White Mischief, was born. Inspired by an intense love for travel, Constance has curated this brand from some of the most on-trend, sought-after styles the world over, and therefore offers a women’s clothing collection second-to-none.
White Mischief is characterised by its feminine flair and luxurious fabrics, with many of the brand’s pieces portraying a vintage, boho and beautifully romantic feel. With many easy-to-wear styles, White Mischief boasts a collection of items made from silk chiffons, whimsical prints, pastel colours and delicate lace detail.

La Boutique

2015 saw the creation of what is one of Mauritius’s favourite boutique stores, when Patricia and Constance went into partnership, combining all three of their brands under the umbrella name of La Boutique. With a perfectly complementary vision, Patricia and Constance wanted to provide a space where all three brands could be combined for the convenience of their customers. La Boutique has truly blossomed in recent years, and now offers four stores across the island.
Each La Boutique store across Mauritius offers unique stock as the three brands TAF’TA, TAF’TA Too and White Mischief all offer their own designs and styles. Customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to beautifully hand-crafted, European inspired women’s apparel, perfectly curated to suit the modern fashionista looking for an elegant outfit for all occasions.
Visit any one of La Boutique’s exclusive stores which are tastefully decorated for a warm and inviting experience to find the ideal outfit, best suited to you!